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Anya Orlova

Anya Orlova was born in 1986 in Moscow, Russia. Her mother and father were both artists, and the family could often be found in the studio painting together. Anya's parents realized that painting brought their little girl much joy and they recognized her innate talent. They enrolled her in art studio classes at the young age of four.

In 2002, she was granted a scholarship to Gilatti State University, where she majored in Art and Design. Anya expresses her art form in many different ways, as she is trained to paint realism; her passion for experimenting keeps one guessing as to what her next series will express in visual allure and technique. Some of her earlier works, mixed impressionism with a touch of surrealism. She combines her thoughts and visual experiences with dreamy landscapes where worlds can live within other worlds.

Her recent series "Air" is created by using an airbrush, alone on double layered surfaces of wood and plexi giving the work a three dimensional quality. Her smaller works feature a thick layer of resin. When the liquid color hits the air stream, the force of moving air breaks up and atomizes the liquid into small dots. Anya pushes around the paint with the air, shaping and forming the final image. This technique allows her to control and modify the effects she is trying to achieve. "Air" has a natural purity and independent awareness with touches of precise control and hard edges. The juxtaposition of free flow and explicit marks keeps your eye moving through the piece and pausing at just the right time.

Her artworks are in private collections all over the world. She now produces her art in the United States and participates in both solo and group exhibitions. Today she lives and practices her art in the United States.

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