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Anabel Ivy

Artist Anabel Ivy is a self-taught master of impressionism. She was born into an artistic family with much of her siblings and relatives being either painters, musicians or poets.

At age 10, she began experimenting with graphite, charcoal, and acrylic paints. Ivy is well versed in portraiture and realism, even having a few high-profile murals on her artistic resume. Ivy spent most of her career experimenting with various mediums and styles as she fine-tuned her individual style. She went to art supply stores, walking the aisles until a new tool or medium caught her eye. Ivy would take the new items home and experiment until she was an expert.

Through her experimentations Ivy discovered watercolor, her favorite medium. As Ivy is a self-professed adrenaline junky, watercolor was the perfect fit for her quick style. Its demanding nature forces her to think on her feet and she thrives with a challenge. Watercolors also pushed her out of her realistic roots to a more interpretive style. Her love of bright saturated colors was the perfect match with this medium and her favorite subject matter: flowers and landscapes. Ivy is preoccupied with the natural, interpreting landscapes and plant life with her signature vibrancy and discerning eye.

Ivy received her formal training from the State Organization of Technical and Professional Education with a Painting degree in 2010. In 2011 she opened her own gallery, gaining a reputation and following for her watercolor paintings. She recently moved to the United States and found a home in Atlanta, Georgia.

Recently she has been experimenting with new subject matter and techniques, adding a body of landscapes and still lifes to her ever-expanding portfolio. Her love of the natural world endures, inspired by her new surroundings and her endless thirst for adventure. In everything she does Ivy strives to remain genuine. "I am inspired by the act of painting from the heart, transferring to canvas the natural wonders and images that move me most."


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