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Thomas Creed

Thomas Creed has always been an artist at heart. From a very young age, he has scribbled, drawn, painted and sculpted; instinctively compelled to create something from nothing.

Creed's 'formal' training began with hes study of art in high school. He went on to complete two years at Missouri Southern State University in 1974, with a major in art. While he established a career outside of the art field, he was again compelled to continue studying art in his spare time, experimenting with different styles and techniques. In 1986, he committed to an art career by attending the San Francisco Art Institute, which has a positive influence on him as both a person and an artist. His paintings from that era reflect a painful arsenal of artistic ideas manifested from living in San Francisco and attending the Art Institute.

It was not until he moved to Sonoma County in 1993 that he rediscovered his early love of the natural world. He now explores the beaut and power of landscape painting using the unspoiled Northern California countryside as his primary subject. What he tries to convey through his paintings is not just a visual rendering of nature, but an evocation of the mystery and renewal that nature communicates to us all. As an earth advocate, he hopes to provide a more intimate understanding and appreciation of the natural world through his art.

Creed chooses to work in oil; carrying on, with great respect, the classical tradition established by the Renaissance masters. His paintings have been referred to as realism, but that term does not capture the most vital aspect of his work. His paintings seek to evoke a deep emotional response from the viewer. Working from detailed notes and sketches, he translates the essence of the mood of each scene onto the canvas--fog nestled atop an oak-studded valley, morning sunlight fingering across an inland marsh, afternoon shadows lengthening through coastal brush-- passing the vital energy of each experience onto the viewer. It is this emotional power that individually motivates each of his paintings.

A major intention of his work is to continue the tradition of art as a powerful medium of communication in our society. Throughout history, art has been used as an instrument to inform, entertain and inspire. The goal of his art is to bring us into a personal dialogue with nature at a critical time for our society's relationship with the Earth. He wishes to communicate the continuity and timelessness of the natural world while reminding us of the elevated emotions. His goal is to inspire a desire to preserve it both for ourselves and future generations.

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