Alexis MacIntire

Alexis was born in Georgia in 1983. Growing up in a creative family, Alexis was always encouraged to be imaginative and express herself artistically however she could. Drawn to the arts from an early age, she began art classes at the early age of nine and continued to hone her skills throughout high school and college. All of her spare time was spent filling books with sketches, painting and writing. The most influential person of Alexis's artistic career was her high school AP art teacher, Mrs. Mays, who helped nurture her talents for over four years, from drawing in charcoal to painting with acrylic and oil, to photography. Although she is comfortable with most mediums, Alexis now spends most of her time exploring watercolor and oils.

After High School, Alexis received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Georgia, graduating Magna Cum Laude in 2006. Alexis's love of travel greatly influences her art; through her college years and beyond, she has visited Spain, France, Ireland and more, as well as studied abroad in Italy in search of inspiration. Alexis currently resides in Atlanta, consistently working to evolve her style and create new innovative pieces of art.



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