Rebecca Bennett

Rebecca uses oils to create layered abstractions that explore the dynamics of color, line, and texture. The viewer is encouraged to interpret their experience of the work rather than the work itself.

Bennett's work is born of a manipulation of oil paint while the canvas lies on a flat, horizontal surface. She uses brushes, palette knives, an d/or mineral spirits to move the color. The paint and oil create jewels of layered, vibrant, color that move on the canvas. Using viscous liquid mediums allows Rebecca to explore this movement and fluidity.

Recently, Bennett has enjoyed incorporating the horizon line. What emerges is a piece that is abstract but recalls a landscape. Her process is one in which the artist and the paint are equal partners negotiating the surface of the canvas as if the paint had animated qualities.

Bennett has attended Washington University George Warren Brown School of Social Work in St. Louis, as well as Grinnell College in Iowa. She received a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology from Union College in New York, and studied abroad in Florence, Italy.



Hi, it’s Rebecca! Let me know if you have any questions.