Eno Miles

Atlanta native Eno Miles grew up in a middle class home where his father worked as a piano teacher and his mother was a nurse. Miles has spent his life taking advantage of the many cultural opportunities and music venues that Atlanta continually offers. Music was the focus most of his life, having played the piano since he was ten. Miles developed his skills quickly, even accompanying on songs that made the Billboard charts and composing soundtracks to independent films. He often says playing the piano is the only time he feels truly focused. His painting style developed as he attempted to translate the songs he had written to canvas, a process that provided him with a greater sense of creative completion.

Miles studied International Studies at Georgia Tech with a concentration in Chinese language. He left school after two years and began bartending at local gallery openings. Miles turned to painting as a career after taking a two month trip to his family's farm in Athens, Georgia, where the bucolic setting proved ideal for creative expression. He returned with inspiration and a portfolio of new paintings reflecting an entirely new and exciting style. Eno Miles' growing popularity at regional art shows has led to significant national interest in his art.



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