Brent Foreman

Brent Foreman was born in Minneapolis and raised in a creative environment. Reflecting on his formative upbringing he recounts, "My parents would surround me with pencils, crayons, and lots of paper. Being an only child, I found that art was the one way to break the doldrums of a boring afternoon. I would go outside to draw the birds and flowers and trees that made up the landscape of my suburban home. My family was very encouraging about my talent. They knew that I could succeed at being an artist if given the opportunity."

Foreman is a multi-faceted artist who works in different mediums, including acrylic painting, watercolor, digital art and printmaking. He received a Master of Arts from Minnesota State University at Mankato in 1999. He explains, "The techniques I acquired in college stay with me to this day: painting, printmaking, natural fibers and multi-media incorporation. I use whichever technique will give me the end product that I desire. I never tie myself down to one style or one way of thinking because that doesn't forward the progress."

Brent's work is a balance of converse yet connected imagery. It is an anecdote of light and dark; from translucent to opaque; from abstract to realism. His style captures the subtle and the overt in striking harmony. He exhibits a keen awareness that layering and structure are key components to creating his complex compositions, as are patience and perseverance.



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