Steve Hickok

Steve Hickok was born in Phoenix, Arizona on in 1959 and has aheritage as colorful as his artwork. He is a direct descendant of the legendary cowboy, Wild Bill Hickok and shares his fascination with Native American culture and its iconic forms. Biomorphs of the desert, along with the tepee, arrowhead, and chevron motifs on Native American artifacts have come to form the geometry of his art.

From the earliest days of his creative career, his artistic vision was molded by the harsh beauty and rough topography of the American Southwest. It was perhaps inevitable that the matrix of his style would be the undulating sands of the desert, combined with its red skies and bizarre, twisted, red-rock columns.

Aside from his successful art career, Hickok has spent more than twelve years collaborating with emerging artists, educating and encouraging them in the pursuit of their careers. Hickok himself holds the record as the youngest artist accepted by the Suzanne Brown Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ, where he has exhibited along with Fritz Scholder and Ed Mell.

His residence and studio are in Atlanta, Georgia. He has exhibited his work throughout NorthAmerica, London, Paris and Seoul.



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