Alessandra Cola

Cola was born in Rome, Italy on December 8, 1966, where her predisposition to art manifested itself at a very young age and continues to blossom today.

Self-taught, the passionate artist projects her love for poetry in her stylistic works of art. Each piece tells a story and reflects on the world surrounding her, strongly incorporating her free spirit in every stroke.

With Alessandra's vivid imagination, creativity comes easily and it can be seen in each gorgeous piece through color, composition and of course, the charming writing.

She explains, "While I'm painting, I don't think in the painting itself; I think about my life, my ideas and my thougths about the world." Alessandra paints feverishly day and night- it's her way of artistically communicating with the world while sharing her favorite influential writing.

Cola resides in a small artistic community called Playas del Coco in the Guanacaste Province. She is constantly creating and happily sharing her talent with the rest of the world through her bright and colorful art, pairing each work with her favorite poetry.



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