Born and raised in South Asia, Inam learned the fundamentals of sketching and painting at a young age. He was highly influenced by one of his art teachers, who ensured that he was give a solid technical and creative education. From his childhood, Inam was encouraged to pursue his outstanding talent. Keen to absorb as much of the world as he could, Inam traveled and attended art schools in London, Istanbul and Atlanta.

Each school was very influential for Inam, both in terms of inspiration and artistic discipline. This experience played an integral role in forming his painting style. Inam's oil paintings depict misty forests and silver birches glowing in moonlight. He blends colors and textures to create mesmerizing effects. "When an artist's inner feelings are outwardly expressed, true art is born," says Inam, "A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art."

Inam has had international success as an artist. He has been invited to exhibit his work in Dubai, London, Paris, Miami, Las Vegas, and New York. Inam's work is featured in corporate offices, art galleries, and private collections worldwide. Inam currently resides in the United States.



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