Noah East

Born in 1992, Noah East grew up in the metro city of Atlanta, Georgia. He has always loved the way the city is constantly growing and diversifying, not only in population, but in the development of infrastructures as well. This, along with seeing the way Atlanta gives its citizens the opportunity to express themselves through public art is where East found his initial inspiration. As of recent years, he has begun drawing inspiration from the Beltline project, an urban redevelopment program that plans to connect the inner city with a walkable loop, and the way the organization allows local artists to display their creative works through murals, sculptures and much more.

Fascinated with Bauhaus, German Expressionism and Art Deco, East began his painting journey in his early teens and soon learned that simplicity and the minimal use of lines and colors is what intrigued him most. East enjoys pulling influence from Eastern art and the unique way it focuses on the use of negative space, along with Western art that focuses on the use of positive space, and finding ways to develop a mixture of both theories into his paintings. He uses his core understanding of space and the solid, basic study of lines, surface and colors to create.

When he is not painting, East can be found spending his spare time reading books or watching films. He has found that when he reads between the lines, it helps him to build new concepts for his artwork. The surrealistic development of abstract subject meeting the concept began giving life to his work. His achievement is creating the poem of his imagination.



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