Devyn Yeager

Born and raised in the North Eastern US, Devyn Yeager has always loved the salty air and crisp breeze the coast has to offer. Family trips to the rocky coast of Maine at the end of each summer are what ultimately lead him to his original desire to paint. Looking out on the white, billowy clouds hovering over the sea and the boats sitting idly in the harbor, brought him an overwhelming sense of calmness. Even as a young child, Devyn yearned to not only keep these memories with him but to reinvent them into something all his own with an uncanny ability to capture his siren in oils and acrylics. He has always felt very lucky to have had the encouragement from his family to pursue his dreams and hone his craft.

Yeager attended the University of Southern Maine in Portland to continue his education in Fine Arts. He fell in love with the bustling city and the new architecture that surrounded him. Throughout his years there, Yeager still found time to escape to the coast to reconnect with that sense of calm that inspired him. In his paintings, Yeager likes to personalize his images with the greatest impact in a most minimal way, leaving the final outcome of the painting up to the eye of the viewer. He loves to create his art in soft, airy colors and longs to awaken a deep memory within his audience of their treasured memories from the beach.

Since the end of his years at university, Yeager has relocated to the south, bouncing around until finally settling in Atlanta, GA in 2015. "I've spent all of my life in one spot, and though I love home dearly for everything it gave me, I want to push myself to create out of my comfort zone," says Yeager, "but I never want to stray too far from the coast." When he is not painting, Yeager can likely be found with friends in Savannah, Hilton Head or Charleston.



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