Nathan Daniels

Nathan Daniels was born in May 1970. He grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Boone, North Carolina. His grandparents and mother often traveled in the region attending art festivals with him. At the age of seven, he discovered a postcard collection of famous artworks his grandparents collected which he spent a great amount of time studying. Soon after he began drawing his favorite images from picture books, beginning with pencil, then as experimenting more with ink and watercolor.

When Daniels turned 20, he moved to Atlanta with his family. He attended Atlanta College of Art majoring in Illustration. His style has consistently focused on his curiosity for the natural world. He likes to incorporate color, detail and the suggestion of texture. Gesture and fluidity are important components in the underlying structure of his compositions. He begins most of his work with preliminary sketches. He feels these are good for determining proportional elements in the composition as well as appropriate color schemes for the final work. He always leaves room for spontaneity when creating the final piece.

Daniels continues to impress art collectors with his pleasing use of color and striking compositions. His work has a following nationwide and recently internationally as well.



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