Nela Solomon

Nela Solomon was born into a rural family in Shiraz, Iran, in July of 1971. The first of three children, Solomon grew up in a creatively liberated environment wherein her parents encouraged her innate talents in the visual arts by providing her with sketching pads and watercolor sets at a young age. With these tools, she spent much of her youth sketching sunsets, landscapes, still-lifes and even portraits of her young friends. These early artistic endeavors climaxed when Solomon lived in Vienna for two years at the age of 21. While her principle purpose was to improve her German, she was enraptured by the city's artwork. The exhilaration provided by that community would stick with her forever.

Her love of travel prompted her to immigrate to the United States in 1996, where she went on to study at Pierce College in Los Angeles, California. Solomon took up work as the studio apprentice to the well-known artist Emanuel, whose work had gained acclaim across the United States. Solomon's deep talent and artistic confidence immediately became apparent to Emanuel, who quickly let the younger painter work solely on her own art. Not forsaking her rural and liberated upbringing, however, Solomon introduced her own degree of spontaneity — painting bold, vast, and vibrant spaces that are as much about nature as they are about abstraction. The result is a uniquely tense artwork in which the organic and natural elements of the paintings

Since delving into her art full-time, Nela has opened her own studio, shown her work at several locations around Southern California, and exhibited for the first time at ArtExpo in New York, 2001, where work was met with great praise.



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