Sam Evans

Sam Evans grew up in Mission Beach, California in the 70s. She split her time between riding her bike at the beach and taking dance classes. Once in junior high, her art class inspired a change. From then on, she would ride her bike to the beach and draw. Her favorite was to create playful abstracts with watercolor pencils emulating the ocean views before her. Painting didn't become a focus until her first year at University of Southern California at Santa Cruz. Her major became painting in her second year of college.

Upon graduation, Evans moved to Atlanta, Georgia and has found inspiration in the drastically different landscape. The lines and symmetry of this new place allow new concepts to unfold on the canvas. Evans occasionally paints more traditional landscapes but abstracts with tones emanating from nature are her primary source of inspiration.

Evans is a favorite with collectors seeking subtle color tones without a compromise in artistic depth. Her work is collected nationally and internationally.



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