Augustine was born in 1976 in New Hampshire to a family of innovative and energetic musicians. Growing up in an environment overflowing with creative inspiration, Augustine was able to express his inner artistic impulses freely. Imagination provided the foundation for Augustine's household, where the budding artist was encouraged to express himself through numerous avenues.

Fueled by this vibrant upbringing, Augustine's focus instinctively fell to the arts rather than traditional studies. Art and music class became the heart of Augustine's scholarly career. The adolescent Augustine liked to get lost in artistic thought, and he spent many of his school days transfixed by pencil and paper, fleshing out trees and other objects in striking detail. Augustine's natural ability is what led him to Deljou Art Group, where he currently conjures fantastical, nonrepresentational pieces.

For as long as he can remember, Augustine has always possessed a passion for seeing his artistic vision to fruition - from conception to completion. This dedication is evident in every stroke of Augustine's work, which is distinctively abstract, marked by variegated textures and patterns.

"The creative play of creating new artistic techniques intrigues me every day. The pieces I create have an earthy, natural depth that is very satisfying to me. Expanding these techniques to evolve my work is what I'm after."

Augustine has been published by New York Graphic Society and featured at such illustrious industry trade shows as Art Expo New York. As Augustine continues to grow and evolve as an artist, so too does his prominence in the fine art world.



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