Antonio Dojer

The abstract art of Antonio Dojer is a reflection of the economically tumultuous and culturally explosive 1970s Cuba of his youth. What he remembers most of that time is that his countrymen somehow managed to maintain faith despite their adversity. Dojer observed a powerful resilience within the human soul that drives people to rise above their constraints.

As the hard times grew in Havana, Dojer increasingly focused his energy in two creative directions: drawing and dance. These forms of expression proved to be a natural outlet for the emotional trials of his environment. Dojer pursued his art through high school, ultimately earning the Artistic Award for Creative Excellence in a district-wide competition. He went on to study at the San Alejandro School of Art, where he firmly decided upon art as a life-long career.

Once Dojer graduated with a Master's in Fine Art, his thirst for new facets of artistic expression urged him to move beyond the restrictive Cuban political structure. Although a difficult proces, Dojer made his way to the United States in 1990 and established himself as a permanent resident. Since then, Dojer's artwork has evolved both technically and thematically, though he carries much of his native experience with him. Working in series, Dojer applies stylistic variations to each painting, ranging from whimsical to brooding. With strong colors and defined shapes, he creates a sense of passion and rhythm hovering before a background reminiscent of the urban landscape of his youth.

If in Cuba Dojer faced certain restrictions that inhibited his ability to express himself, here in the United States he has found himself creating with boundless, voracious energy. He has exhibited his work all across the country.



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