T.L. Lange

Although bornin 1965 in Oil City, Pensylvania, TL Lange grew up aroundWashington, D.C. for the better part of his childhood. Inspired by an eager and natural affinity for art, Lange pursued formal training in fine art at Winthrop College, South Carolina where he studied for 2 years. While at school, Lange realized his greatest education would occur in the presence of artists living and breathing their profession. He found Deljou Art Group and moved to Atlanta. While Lange gained much knowledge in his quest, it was his soul that infected everyone around him. His artist creations, deep thought process and execution of ideas onto paper and canvas greatly influenced and continues to influence artists to this day. After his time in Atlanta, Lange moved to North Carolinawhere he maintained his home and atelier until his untimely death at the age of 36.

Of his artistic process, Lange says, "I begin with a sense of space and a glimpse of how an object can occupy that space. I then break up that space until I reach greater detail. In this way, I've discovered that magnified details can become their own whole entity. The creative force behindmy work may come from the mutterings of my psyche or from marks made unintentionally by spills or decay...I create with chaos. It is very simple: we all create our own form of chaos and then choose, over time, to continue or to change. While I am working, it is wonderful to be in 'non- thought mode' where there are no preconditioned rules, a meditative wave that has no time, andwhere I can forget what I am doing. I derive the compositions from the beauty of chaos in decay."



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