Henrik Abedian

Born into a multi-generational family of photographers, Henrik Abedian integrates several styles of image design. He apprenticed under his father and subsequently earned a master's degree in photography from the prestigious Hamburg Academy of Photography. Abedian absorbed a myriad of influences and refined his attention to form, light and especially color. His images reflect a focus on the intersection of technology and media in modern life. "To like or love art is an emotional conversation. As important as your art is to you, more important is who you are engaging with through it," says Abedian.

Abedian's work is further enhanced by his world travels. He is fluent in several languages and continually immerses himself in a variety of cultures. Originally from Armenia, he has also resided in Iran, Germany and now Atlanta, Georgia, U.S. His influences for art, photography and digital media derive from his multicultural background, his travels and persistent desire to study and produce contemporary art.

Abedian's work has been featured in art fairs and gallery shows and can be found in many private and corporate collections.



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