B. Newman

B. Newman began his journey with photography as an eighth grade student. As part of a research project, he purchased his first camera and began shooting nature scenes along the Chattahoochee River. "When I got the prints back, I was awestruck," says Newman. "Sorting through the small squares, I realized that my life had suddenly changed."

Newman went on to learn more about photography while he attended boarding school in Alexandria, Virginia. He later attended University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, where he planned to major in physics, but of course spent most of his time concentrating on photography. Newman transferred to Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California where he thrived. Fascinated with the physical and chemical processes of photography, he majored in Color Technology. After college, Newman moved to New York City where he opened a custom Cibachrome photo lab. During business hours he made reproduction quality prints for artists such as Andres Serrano and Sandy Skoglund. In the early morning hours or at dusk, he would explore abstract compositions in New York's urban environs.

Eventually, Newman left the print-making business and moved back home to Georgia, where he turned his camera lens to nature. Through forests, meadows, and colorful undergrowth, he found mysterious images that our mundane daily visions overlook. His work primarily focuses on abstracts of florals and botanicals.

Newman has taught photography at the both the Showcase School and the Portfolio Center in Atlanta, GA.



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