Oliviya Bloom

Oliviya Bloom is a Richmond, Virginia native, and for as long as she can remember she has always wanted to paint. She followed her dreams and went to school at the Art Institute of Virginia Beach, where she now resides and works out of her home studio. Oliviya has attended several artist residency opportunities such as programs at VCCA, Hambige in North Carolina, and Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, New Mexico. Her inspiration traces back to some of the most influential female artists such as Lee Krasner and Helen Frankenthaler.

The desire to learn new techniques and to be playful in her expression keep Oliviya creative. She's always pushing the boundaries, mixing mediums that historically don't belong together - and that's exactly what excites Oliviya. She gets to make her own rules, and therefore artwork that speaks to her personally. Oliviya approaches the canvas with a fluid idea of composition, and she uses her surroundings to dictate the color.



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